Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On soy

As you may already know, SCD is a diet free of many things. One of the items not allowed is soy. Elaine Gottschall explains in the knowledge base.

But others have discovered the drawbacks to soy along the way. Here's a great link from Free the Animal, which explains why soy should be regarded as a highly processed junk food.

The only exception for SCD is the vitamin E found in certain supplements, which can be derived from soy (usually referred to as soy lecithin). Soybean oil used to be considered legal, but changes in processing forced a revision.

Here's a good post from Cheeseslave, who lets us know that the inmates at Illinois State Prison are overdosing on soy.



caitlin said...

Before the SCD, tofu and soy products were high on my list, until I realized my ankles were swollen from soy O.D. I read how soy can affect thyroid and cause all sorts of problems,and stopped immediately. The swelling was gone within 24 hours. I don't even drink tea with soy lecithin in it, and there are quite a few brands that have it listed as an ingredient.

The SCD girl said...

Hi Caitlin,

Tea with soy lecithin?! Really?

I've been stocking up on the cheap 365 brand of green and black tea at Whole Foods. It's around $3.50 per box of 100 bags.

As you probably know, soy lecithin is legal in supplements on SCD. But many people want to avoid soy entirely, which is perfectly understandable in my mind.

Thanks for your comments!

Susan :)

The SCD girl said...

Oh, that 365 brand of tea is organic too, I forgot to mention. :)