Monday, February 16, 2009

Food breakdown

I am trying to journal my food more regularly. I need to keep myself more accountable. I also need to make an effort to get exercise. I get so tied up at work, I don't want to leave. Bad Susan!

So today, on my break, I took a 40 minute walk. In the rain. I borrowed my co-worker's umbrella and off I went.

I decided to track my food at, although I did hit a few snags. For one, do you know how hard it is to find HOMEMADE broth in their little calculator? Of course they have about 200 kinds of boullion. Ew.

Second, I noticed some, uh, discrepancies. I tried to find french cut green beans. I only found french beans. Apparently, according to Fitday, those have 40 grams of carbs per cup. Since I was suspicious, I checked the bag of beans in my freezer. Those only had 5 grams of carbs. Rar!

I thus took advantage of their add-a-food feature and fixed that little problem.

At any rate, I still think I'm going a teensy bit over on the carbs. If I want to lose fat, I have to cut that out. I know what my problem is, though. I don't tolerate nuts all that well, and I often forget to add fat to my foods earlier in the day. So later in the day, I haven't had enough fat, and I'm hungry, so I start hitting the fruit drawer in my refrigerator. It does not help that I live in southern California where citrus is currently three pounds for a dollar.

So! I have graphs and charts and fun things for you.

Here's today's breakdown:

If you're wondering, here's the calorie breakdown and here's the foods I ate. I'm a little suspicious about the onions though. I don't think they were "sweet." Hmm.


Vittoria said...

I'm not familiar with FitDay, but I love where I can enter my own foods or entire recipes.

I don't think I mentioned before, It's so nice to find another SCD blogger! There's such a great GF community, I wish I could find more SCD-ers.

The SCD girl said...

Hi Vittoria!

I have links to other SCD bloggers in my side bar, so feel free to check them out.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


caitlin said...

Actually, I would think working all day would count as some exercise, ya? You must move around a lot during the day.
I've been pretty good sbout keeping a food journal, but I keep mine in a little notebook. Yours is quite elaborate...all I keep track of are calories, carbs, sodium and fiber. I guesstimate on some things, but all in all it balances out. The food part is good, now I have to get my rear in gear and exercise too.

The SCD girl said...


I use FitDay because I haven't the faintest idea how many calories and carbs would be in a grapefruit, for example. FitDay has all of that plugged right into it.

I do work all day, but most of the day is spent sitting on my butt! When I work from home, it's even worse.

Susan :)