Monday, August 4, 2008

A word about health care

Today, I popped over to Val's awesome blog, Occasional Superheroine. As a girl geek, it is my duty to read her words. :)

Read this to see what it's like for an uninsured person in an emergency room.

That is MESSED UP.

You know, I have rheumatoid arthritis. And no matter how under control my condition is, I still have RA.

What that means is, I will never be insurable by a private insurance plan. I am screwed. I will have to have a job that gives me employer health care for all time.

I can't just go start a business with some employees if I want to. I can't just work freelance and take out a policy for myself and my family.

Even if I am severely wronged at my job, I can't just walk away from it.

I am trapped.

And that is the state of health care in this country.

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Kelly said...

I am so there. When my dh quit his job 3 years ago to start his own design business, we were declined across the board, due to our daughter's pre-existing condition. And no, it wasn't even her autism diagnosis, it was her stay in the hospital due to a vaccine reaction. Lovely right? So now she's got Medicaid (crap) until she's 6, when they will cut her off of even that. We are considering Paris or Rome. What do you think? (I have to have a sense of humor or I'd go insane, ya know?)

BTW Love your blog :-)