Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The plot thickens

So after discussing my difficulties with Clark with the Pecanbread list, I'm wondering if the yogurt turned out OK after all.

My thermometer was actually not working correctly, and I think it may have gotten too warm. If that happened, the probiotics could have died before fermentation was complete, and then he would have gotten some lactose and casein that wasn't fully broken down, which would be bad.

But I'm confused because if he HAD gotten lactose (which is a sugar after all), I would think he would have had some kind of gastrointestinal sign. And he didn't -- it was all totally behavioral.

Also, I would think that the reaction would not have lasted for nine days.

So it is a mystery. However! Since then, I got a new awesome cool superthermometer, and I made a bigger batch of yogurt that is pretty awesome. Now all I have to do is drip it and then I can make some SCD cheesecake. At least I can test the actual yogurt product with him that way.

We will continue with nightly Epsom salt baths. I'll keep you all posted.

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