Monday, January 21, 2008

How I'm doing

I wanted to post a quick update about myself and about Clark.

As you know, we started the goat yogurt with Clark, and he kinda went nuts with the 1/8 tsp I gave him on two consecutive days. We've discontinued it since then, and it is taking a long time for him to get over it.

The fact that it is taking a long time is more evidence that he is probably reacting to the probiotics. Still, I need to figure out exactly what the problem is, so I am making a double batch of yogurt right now in order to drip it and make an SCD cheesecake. That will *really* destroy the probiotic content, and then I will know if he is reacting to the probiotics or the yogurt itself.

About me, though, I'm doing really well. More signs of gut dysfunction are showing themselves as I heal. For example, now I have my period, and I have 'D' as the SCDers like to refer to it.

This is interesting because my sister has tons of signs of gut dysfunction where I have none, and she always has D when she has her period. How about that. We have something in common (and that IS a miracle, people). :)

My swelling though is way way down. I can't remember a time when my hands were consistently this good. So I'm pretty happy. I do talk about my right hand having problems, but that's due to overuse. How do I know it's not the arthritis? Because icing it makes it feel better, and as most people with arthritis knows, ice is not awesome at all for arthritic joints.

I do still have to order some more Enbrel though. I'll do that today.

I am hoping that tonight I will finally be able to regale you with tales of yogurt making. I also have a new recipe to post -- an Asian dipping sauce. But I left the post-it on my desk at home so you will all have to wait! :)

Talk to you soon!

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