Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend cooking -- chicken soup and more

You will save yourself a lot of sanity if you cook a lot on the weekends. And boy, did I cook.

On Saturday I made a huge pot of chicken soup. The recipe is mentioned in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.


Chicken legs and thighs, about 4 pounds or so
Ten peeled carrots or 1-2 pounds of baby carrots
1-2 onions
garlic cloves
4-5 stalks of celery

Get a big pot and fill it halfway with the chicken parts. Add peeled or baby carrots, chopped onion, garlic cloves, and celery. Fill pot with water until it almost covers the contents of the pot, but not quite as more water will cook out at the start.

Put a lid on it and simmer for 4 hours. You'll need to check it and add more water as it cooks.

After making the soup in this way, I added a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of sage. Next time I'll try adding the sage ahead of time, but spices sort of vanish when you cook something for four hours, so I'm not sure if it will make a difference. I ended up with a lot more chicken than necessary, so I separated out some of it to use for chicken salad later in the week.

On Sunday, I did some more marathon cooking. First, I cooked three chicken breasts in the oven with olive oil, salt, sage, onion and garlic. I let it cool, shredded it, and put it in the freezer. It was yummy, and I know, because I ate some out of the pan. :) I would have cooked more but that was all the chicken breasts I had left.

I also cooked a pan of hamburgers with the chicken. I get the frozen ground sirloin patties at Costco. They are a very good deal and don't have additives. I put them on a cookie sheet lined with foil and put garlic and onion on top of them. I discarded the onion pieces after cooking because you can't eat them until later on in the diet.

Then I reduced the heat in the oven and made another pan of almond butter brownies for Clark's lunches. I ate one, to see if it would bother me. It didn't seem to, but I didn't feel that wonderful after eating it, either.

Next was two pans of egg bread. I cut that up and stowed it in baggies for Clark's lunches next week.

I also made mayo! Hey, remember how I promised you a photo? Well here it is! Don't say I never gave you nothin'.

Hopefully it won't taste sucky. I used light olive oil, but I fear this light oil isn't as light as the other light olive oil I got before. We'll see.

And then after that, I boiled up two pounds of baby carrots for lunches, too. Then I packaged up some chicken soup and baby carrots for my lunch on Monday.

I want to make ketchup again but I don't have any jars. Oh, if you want to buy individual Ball jars or something like it, go to a craft store like Michael's. I can't use a whole case, so I think I will go there and grab a couple for stuff like this.


hvonmarko said...

Hi Susan,

Found you on the pecanbread site, I'm considering SCD and just checking it all out... thanks for your blog!

--Heather (son ASD, age 3)

The SCD girl said...

Hi Heather!

You're welcome. I figure if I show everyone what I'm doing, SCD won't seem quite so scary. Or maybe it will. LOL. :)

Susan :)

Emily said...

So we finally started the intro diet! Without eggs, no less. So far so good. We made it through day 2. I have been tempted to email you a zillion times today with more questions.

I feel so lame for waiting so long to do the intro, since I have been reading the pecanbread site for months. We start applesauce tomorrow. I have never been so excited because I think I can send him back to school! What is funny is that we kind of did a pseudo "nut" diet for a long while, so I have some pearls of wisdom...the ketchup is great if you cook it and then put a bit into a small bell jar and then put the rest into ice cube trays. We are ketchup junkies, but cannot get through enough from a big jar of tomato juice to use it all up in one shot. Also, after reading your post, I wanted to note that if you can find a Le Crueset-type pot (they are very heavy, safe and can often be found at Marshall's - otherwise they are a zillion dollars), it will make your ketchup-making easier. The heavy bottom seems to prevent the splattering, so it is way less work. That being said, I have a giant pot of soup, two glass trays of applesauce and stuff all over my kitchen...and everyone is asleep but me! Ugh. The only things keeping me going are my improving son, who is so worth it, and the inspiration I am gaining from your blog. You continue to make it better and better.

Gin said...

For those much needed Mason jars, visit a local Goodwill or other thift shop. You can usually pick them up cheap, cheap, then you simply buy the rings and lids needed at the grocery store or Wal-Martin the section where they stock canning supplies.

The SCD girl said...


Le Creuset at MARSHALL'S? :O OK, I'll have to check that out. Yeah, I know they're a zillion dollars!! LOL! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I struggle daily but all of you remind me that I'm not alone in the struggle! It's like we're a club, with very few members that are scattered all over the world! :)

Hopefully the club will get bigger. :)


The SCD girl said...

Hi Gin,

I go to the Goodwill by me all the time and I haven't seen too many Ball jars there. But it's a good idea. I think I saw some once that were way too big. I do know one of the grocery stores has the lids and stuff. So thanks.

The Goodwill by my work is in a rich people neighborhood. So you can find a good selection of barely worn clothing by Ann Taylor, Abercrombie, BCBG Max Azria, I do a little shopping there from time to time too. :)

Susan :)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to try ketchup again, mine's all liquid. Thanks for the tip on the bell jars at Michaels too. I was afraid of going to Walmart (yikes) and buying bulk. Have you tried making the vegetable meatloaf from BTVC yet? It's pretty good :)

The SCD girl said...

I haven't tried the meatloaf yet. I can't find good quality cheap ground beef. Grr. But when I do...I am definitely trying it. I love meatloaf and I find that I eat more vegetables when I hide them from myself too. :)