Friday, December 7, 2007


So Clark has, once again, caught a cold.

As he was eating yesterday he said, "I'm sick a lot."

Well, he's clearly *aware* of it, where before we didn't really know. It's so cool to have thoughts and feelings popping out of him on a regular basis now.

He is bringing home interesting drawings from school. He brought a wonderful police officer, with a hat. He made a holiday card, with a snowman drawn on the front. The snowman had large, orange ears and was adorable.

I guess I'll have to post a picture, huh? OK, I will. Later. I will!

I'm at the point in stage 2 that I suspect a lot of people get to. I think at this point, you are tired of the foods you've been eating, but you are also overwhelmed by the thought of adding more. I mean, let's face it, there's a LOT of food to test. Meh.

So today I made some pancakes with canned wild salmon and eggs. It was passable, but not good enough to put up here proudly or anything. I wanna mess with seasonings. OK, fine, I'll share it. They're not bad, just not great. You know?


2 cans wild salmon, drained
5 eggs
1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar

Mix, fry, eat. My son liked them and so did I, you just don't really want to eat a lot of them. I'm not saying that because there's some crazy side effect, I'm just stating the fact of the matter. I didn't want to eat a lot of them. :)

Tomorrow, mad shopping. I am on a quest for SCD legal vanilla, and we will be buying lots of food. Also a heating pad, and I need to find a thermometer for I will be making goat yogurt! Whee! Oh crap, I have to order the legal probiotic for the yogurt! Better do that.

Natural, no sugar added applesauce has saved my life and my sanity. You have to make choices on SCD to buy products from time to time rather than make them from scratch. This was absolutely the right decision on the applesauce. And I have about 12 jars of it sitting on the floor in my kitchen. You think I'm kidding. Well, I'm not! A photo here would be proof, but alas, I am tired and also lazy.

Also, I think the melatonin my son is taking is SCD legal. Woo!

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