Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More behavior gains!

Today my son's bus driver had told my husband that he wanted to find a bigger car seat-like thing for our son to sit in on the school bus. My son is very large for his age, and Clark has trouble fitting in the current one.

We had figured the reason he was in a seat like that was because he had gotten up and run around when he wasn't supposed to.

Today, though, the bus driver told my husband that if he couldn't find a bigger seat, he was OK with Clark just sitting in a regular seat. "He seems a lot better now," said the bus driver.



Emily said...

Fantastic! That is so great!
It is funny - Carson is big for his age, too. He and his 5 1/2 year old sister look like twins most of the time.

Hey - I have an applesauce question for you. The incessant peeling is killing my RA-laden hands...what brand are you buying? (My rheumatologist doesn't even think it is the RA causing the pain as much as overuse.) The sauce would be a huge help.


The SCD girl said...

Hi Emily,

I am currently getting the no sugar added unsweetened Tree Top brand. But I am not sure it's SCD legal. It has given me no problems however, and I did get a letter from them like Elaine suggested. I think all natural or organic brands would be more likely to be OK and more forthcoming with information.

In comparison, one of my co-workers brought a plain sparkling apple cider from Trader Joe's. I drank a couple of cups of it and I was uncomfortable with GI symptoms all afternoon. So I think she is on to something that sweeteners are added to some applesauces and juices.

I hope that helps. We all have to make informed decisions about this stuff, and yeah, peeling the apples kills my hands too.

Susan :)