Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rice vinegar

I'm always on the hunt for new SCD legal ingredients, so I picked up some rice vinegar to try.

Just so you are aware, rice vinegar is very sweet tasting. I was pretty amazed at how sweet it was. But it reminded me of something.

A few weeks ago, I went out with some of my former work colleagues to a Japanese-style restaurant. I quizzed the waitress carefully on the sashimi salad, and asked her to bring me dressing on the side. I specifically asked for a dressing of only sesame oil and vinegar.

I didn't specify the type of vinegar, but I have to think it must have been rice vinegar. It tasted simply amazing, to be perfectly honest, and I really enjoyed my meal.

I hope this gives you an option when you're confronted with sushi (which is, of course, SCD illegal). Sashimi can be boring when the wasabi and soy sauce are illegal, so I think that asking for a dish of sesame oil and rice vinegar on the side is the perfect solution!


fernpixel said...

Rice vinegar is allowed? I've been avoiding it the whole time because I wasn't sure. If its allowed, the universe just got a little bit better! :D I miss that stuff.

Apple cider vinegar is pretty awesome too :)

Kat said...

Rice vinegar almost always has sugar in it. The kind used for sushi definitely has sugar. I have found some at my health food store that doesn't seem to have any illegals.

Susan said...

Hi Fern, Kat,

Rice vinegar does not contain sugar but sushi vinegar does. What they call sushi vinegar is a blend of ingredients that does include sugar. So be careful, and ask specifically for plain vinegar.

The rice vinegar I found at my grocery store has no illegals. Regular vinegar is usually distilled from corn, so I see no reason why plain rice vinegar would be illegal.

Susan :)

fernpixel said...

Lucky! Its grocery shopping day! I'm going to read me some labels! :D

Thanks Susan!