Friday, October 30, 2009

Trader Joe's canned pumpkin

I received a response from Trader Joe's regarding their canned pumpkin.

Looks like the news is good, SCDers. *grin*

Hi Susan,

There are no allergins present in the facility where our Trader Joe's Organic Pumpkin is manufactured.

Our statement is voluntary, and just because another retailer or manufacturer doesn't have similar statements on their packaging doesn't mean they have separated their manufacturing processes.

Every supplier of Trader Joe's will follow a ten step cleaning process in between each production run. This includes breaking down the equipment and cleaning with a solution. They are very careful to process products that contain allergens separately then other. However this warning is on these products because there still is a chance of cross contamination.

We require FDA regulated GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program of our vendors. HACCP is a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and controlling food safety hazards. In addition, our Quality Assurance Team audits our vendors to monitor their facilities and practices.

Also, please know that all of our TJ'S labeled products will always have all ingredients used fully disclosed under the ingredients panel.

This is the only form of response we can give you to your inquiry,
therefore a company letterhead cannot be possible.

Thank you,

Nicki K.
Trader Joe's
Customer Relations

So according to Miss Nicki, there is nothing in the can other than pumpkin (as listed), and it's produced in an allergen free facility. If a Trader Joe's brand product is produced in a facility that has allergens, it will be clearly denoted on the label.

As she stated, she cannot provide me a letter on letterhead, so please use your best judgment when deciding if this product will fit your needs.

Hope that helps! :)


planetpj said...

Thanks! You just made my day. Now the pumpkin pie testing can begin!


Thanks for sharing!

Candice C said...

Thank you so much for finding this out. I find that almost all products I get at Trader Joe's agree with me. I have a friend that is a manager there and they had shared that the products always list everything that is in them. I've trusted that and so far so good for my gut! Just got two cans yesterday and I'm starting my pies now! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
I always leave your site having added to my knowledge on SCD. I searched your blog for info regarding legal B6, Did you happen to find any? would any of kirkman labs b6 pass for legal. I did find that was in the pryridoxine hydrocholride form which isn't very well absorbed, so I'm still looking to find a P-5-P B6 legal supplements..Any advice you can give will be greatly helpful.
In Christ

Susan said...

Hi Maria,

I see that Kirkman has 50 mg B6 capsules that are SCD legal. Their B6/magnesium tabs have dextrose, so those are not.

I found legal B6 at CVS. It is the 200 mg tablets marked "time release." The other CVS B6 tablets are not legal.

I don't know of a legal P-5-P supplement. I know that on the Yahoo! Pecanbread list, moms have talked about a form of Super NuThera that is SCD legal and contains P-5-P. You may want to talk to them about it.

Hope that helps! Keep in mind that B6 is VERY bitter. We crush the tablets and put them in a little grape juice.

Susan :)

Chris Hartzog said...

Hi SCD girl!

This is awesome news! I have been diagnosed Crohn's/colitis for the past year and a half -- I have been on the SCD diet since September with fabulous results! But, we were getting ready to cook up our own pumpkin from's great to see Trader Joes has this option available. I am definitely going to add TJ to my list of places to shop.

We have Whole Foods here in Seattle, but it is still a half hour drive one way from where I live. TJ's is only 5 minutes away. Every little short cut helps!


Susan said...

Hi Chris,

I actually just cooked up a pumpkin anyway, for my son to eat mainly. But I did pick up a couple cans of the pumpkin so I can test it. My son is far more sensitive than I am to foods, so he's always my guinea pig!


Susan :)

Hannah said...

Yay! I have had good luck with other TJ's canned goods (coconut milk) and bought their pumpkin on a whim, figuring if I could not use it for my fiance (who has Crohns) I could make a pie for myself. This is great news! Thank you.