Monday, March 2, 2009

the brady bunch!

OK, so I had this totally brilliant idea!

I'm ruining it already, aren't I?


Today, I was thinking about Clark, and about other autistic kids, and one popular way for them to learn appropriate interactions with other kids is through modeling.

Video modeling is popular, where the kids are shown appropriate videos of peer interactions.

Anyway, I was just thinking...the Brady Bunch would be PERFECT for this.

There are a TON of kid interactions, and they are ALL appropriate. If somebody hurts someone else, they have to apologize. If somebody lies, they get called on it.

Plus, it's NOT SUBTLE at all. Autistic kids have a terrible time with subtleties. I think TV viewers today would complain about how sanitized and simplified the Brady Bunch is, but those qualities make it perfect for autistic kids, in my opinion.

I totally want to show Clark Brady Bunch reruns now. I think it would be a great and fun thing to watch with him and discuss what was happening in the episode during the commercial breaks.

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caitlin said...

I still love The Brady Bunch, and I still wish my family had been like them! Unfortunately, altho you might be able to show Clark appropriate behavior by having him watch them, you still can't control how others will behave. Clark might be able to be shown how to behave in a situation, but what if the other kid hauls off and bonks him over the head, or reacts in a non-Brady Bunch manner? That might be a good discussion with him on the commercials too.