Thursday, February 26, 2009

No, statins really aren't good for you

I thought I'd post about the latest statin madness here, courtesy of Dr. Eades:

More statin madness

I love this article with all of my heart. Key quote below!

"What they’re saying here is that statins have been shown to reduce mortality from heart disease in those who have elevated LDL, which is true.

But this decrease in deaths from heart disease is compensated for by an increase in deaths from cancer and other causes, so there really isn’t a gain. You’re still dead. Just maybe not from heart disease, but what difference does it make?

Are you going to spend $200 per month for the rest of your life and stay on medications that may make you feel lousy and lose your memory just so you can die of something other than heart disease?"

It also includes an interesting side note: people who regularly take their prescriptions (known as "adherers") live longer than people who don't -- even if it's a placebo.

It's fascinating stuff. I admit it -- I think I have a girly crush on Dr. Eades. Woo!


caitlin said...

Interesting. I refuse to go on them. I am a cardiac patient, with a pacemaker,and I take two heart meds that I feel 'safe' with. The Drs. keep chasing me with that statin stuff. At last count, if I took all the drugs they want me to be on, I would be taking 5 heart meds.
Thank God for the SCD!I took myself off rat poison(coumadin/WARFARIN) then started the diet, and my A-fib went away overnight. The Dr. smiles, nods his head, and then hands me yet another drug sample...

The SCD girl said...

Hi Caitlin,

I always just try to remind people to PLEASE take CoQ10 while on statins.

I know what you mean about doctors not listening. My RA improved so much with SCD, and when I tried to tell my rheumatologist, he just kind of ignored me.

I like my new rheumy a lot better! :)