Monday, April 7, 2008

Lunch on the run

So, last week, I forgot my lunch. What's an SCD girl to do? I took a trip to the local grocery store and this is what I came up with.

The avocado was the most costly part, since the cheap avocados weren't ripe (naturally). So I had to get either a GIANT costly avocado, or a smaller organic one, and I went with the smaller organic one.

The whole lunch ended up costing me about $4.75, so it was not bank breaking. The tiny cans of Dole pineapple are the only ones I've found that say, "In its own juice," which means they are the only legal ones.

Pretty yummy.

Sorry for the lack of actual content as of late. I am a busy girl. I'm also now a moderator on the Pecanbread list, so that is kind of cool!

I am tired. I have been off my RA meds for a couple months now, and it's starting to catch up with me. I had moderate to severe disease activity from the start, so it's not entirely unsurprising. I should be getting meds from my new doc in early May. I am still optimistic that I will achieve remission eventually. Just not quite yet.

Cooking marathon this weekend was a bit low key. There was a lot of laundry to do, so less cooking got done. But I did make soup, ketchup, meatloaves with spinach, egg bread, yogurt, and my darling hubby made hardboiled eggs and boiled carrots to help me out. Also I have supplies up the wazoo, including ground turkey! Huzzah! Carolina brand ground turkey comes frozen in a five pound tube and it is legal. I found it at Smart and Final but they are always out of it. This time they had a bunch so we bought two and one is thawing in the fridge right now. I really like making sausage out of it, and this time I am going to make sausage and then fry it up with eggs for yummy breakfast food.

I think I am going to attempt to cook more during the week in the hopes that my weekends aren't wall-to-wall running errands and cooking. Egg bread freezes great, so every week now I make a bunch and toss it in the freezer. We toss a package in with Clark's lunch and it's thawed and ready to eat by lunchtime.

Clark is doing OK but he is sick AGAIN. I am so frustrated with his constant illnesses. It makes it hard to try new foods, because every time he gets sick his digestion goes all to hell too. Argh. His behavior is usually horrible on top of his illness which doesn't help either.

I have a lot of columns planned for this space. This month is bad though because I have a lot of scripts to do for Pendant Audio. And I get tired typing because of the RA too. So don't despair. I'm trying and I'll get there eventually! :)


Nutty Meatfruit said...

I can sympathize. Out here in the Northeast we have that flu-that-will-not-go-away, too! Spring? Please? Hang in there, Girl :)

Lee-Anne said...

Just found your blog and really enjoyed it... you are an inspiration, girlfriend! Looking forward to whatever you have to post in the future. Lee-Anne

Nutty Meatfruit said...

Hey, I've tapped you for a quicky meme - hope you can respond!