Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Argh and wow

OK, so I know that it is hard to do SCD when your kid is attending a public school. I know it's especially challenging when at least 80 percent of the kids qualify for free breakfast and lunch.

But how hard is it to understand that our son is to have NO FOOD that is not from home?

Apparently a teacher gave Clark three Skittles. He explained that he thought they were OK because they were a different color than regular Skittles.

And this person is allowed to educate children? Next time I'm going to ask him what color of sugar doesn't have sugar in it. *growl*

The interesting thing though didn't really mess Clark up much at all. This is a kid who spiraled out of control for TWO WEEKS after getting a mini candy cane at Christmas.

Clark told us he ate three Skittles after we asked. But apparently he is bouncing back from it fast. Yes, he had behavior and sleep issues for about four days, but he would have those same issues from eating a vegetable that didn't agree with him previously.

So I think he is definitely healing.

And today was a conversation EXPLOSION!

"I have a grizzly bear on my shirt! Dinosaurs eat snacks sometimes, if they're hungry. Can I have a snack? Oh hey guess what guys, did you know I'm going to the aquarium tomorrow? It's nice and they have fish."

I am stunned. Literally stunned.

Yay Clark!

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