Tuesday, February 26, 2008

French artist probiotics

In lieu of actual content, I will post this IM conversation I just had with my husband this morning. See, when I got up, my yogurt had just hit 110 degrees. So I thought I would turn off the heating pad for a while. I realized I never reminded my hubby to check on it, so at 10 a.m. I sent him an IM (he works at home).


Me: check my yogurt?
Husband: ok
...I forgot all about it. I have ruined it. it's at 95. I'm sorry! :-( :-( :-( :-(
Me: not necessarily
Me: turn the heat back up to high
Me: tuck the towels around it
Me: we'll see how long it takes to get back up to temperature.
Husband: ok
Me: it should still be OK
Me: I will just have to ferment it a couple hours longer
Me: once it gets back up to temperature
Me: so...hopefully it will be back in range in an hour
Me: then we can turn it down again
Me: and it should be fine if we can keep it in range until tomorrow morning then.
Me: never easy rar
Husband: you sure they won't have all died or whatever?
Husband: it just went down to 94 ... -_-
Me: no, they only die if it gets too hot
Husband: oh
Husband: phew
Me: if it gets too cold then they just don't digest all of the lactose
Me: so when they warm up they start snacking again
Husband: picky little bitches!
Me: serious!
Husband: no, we can only eat when it's warm out! nyah!
Me: haha
Me: is OK
Me: in fact, it's kind of a good thing
Me: I would have had to put the yogurt away around 11 p.m.
Me: now that it got too cold it needs to add a few more hours
Me: so that puts it at 2 a.m. for 24 hours
Me: but then I can let it go until 6 a.m. which is 28 hours
Me: because you can't let it go longer than 30 hours or the bacteria start to die because they are out of food see
Husband: yeesh
Me: they are sensitive!
Me: they are artists!
Husband: and you need the bacteria to eat the yeast inside
Me: they are probably french
Me: the bacteria eats the lactose
Husband: oh god
Husband: too funny
Me: :)
Husband: I actually lolled at sensitive artists
Me: they wear tiny berets!
Me: eet ees freezing in zhair, they say
Me: i cannot vork in zees condeeshons
Me: vhat do zhey expect
Husband: oh good god
Husband: so hilarious

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Kat said...

LOL This was too cute! Made my day :)