Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Italian chicken that wasn't really all that great

So, I was cooking again tonight and I thought I would try to be fancy.

I put together a pan of chicken breasts, added onion and garlic, and then poured half a large can of tomato juice on them. I then added some oregano and basil.

I took the other half of the can and put it in a small saucepan. I added onion and garlic to that pan as well, along with oregano and basil. I then set the heat to medium and put a lid on it, slightly ajar.

So the chicken was done about an hour later. I turned off the saucepan after about 45 minutes.

Well, the chicken was just swimming in the tomato sauce, which didn't cook down at all. Boo.

The tomato juice in the pan, though, had cooked down nicely, but there was really only enough for two chicken breasts, three if you were stretching.

Hm. OK, so next time, less tomato juice in the oven, more tomato juice in the saucepan.

My parents, brother, and sister are visiting for Christmas. So am also racking my brain to come up with recipes for my family, since I figure they're going to at least be eating some breakfasts with us. I am going to try a spinach egg breakfast casserole type thing. Since we're only about halfway through stage 2, our options are limited. I feel like I'm in a neverending episode of Iron Chef, where I have to make dozens of dishes out of the same ingredients. Ha!

Oh, I also made some spaghetti squash. I think I'll dress it up with olive oil and salt and some other spices as yet to be determined.

I'm tired, people. Tired. I write scripts and voice act for podcasts at Pendant Audio if you're interested in that sort of thing. Anyway, I recorded a bunch of lines last night and I've been turning in about a script a week, which is really good, and I still have two more to complete before the new year. Ack.

Oh, and during the first week of January we're flying to Boise, Idaho and then driving two hours to Twin Falls to visit my husband's family.

Yeah, that should be interesting, trying to get SCD food from point A (civilization) to point B (middle of nowhere). Don't worry, I know about what the airlines allow and what they won't. And they won't allow A LOT. *sigh*

I hope your holidays are shaping up to be happy! I'm at peace with the whole dealie-o. I'm not about to beat myself up about any of it at this point. So a very happy holiday to you readers out there. Thanks for being there!


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the tired, but you're doing way better than me, as you're making time to blog about being tired! You're an inspiration to me- thanks so much!!! ;)

Emily said...
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Emily said...

This is a re-post because of a huge typo! :-)

Hey...I had an idea for more variety...when you are at the point where you can add some cayenne (just a tiny bit), the thickened tomato sauce becomes like enchilada non-sCD husband even likes it.

As for breakfast with your family, if you like poached eggs and are doing spinach, you could do an eggs-florentine kid of thing. (But I am still struggling with pancakes, so what do I know?) Also, there is some legal prosciutto at Trader Joes and Costco which could provide a bacon-ish flavor if you are ready to try something like that in your casserole. I am unclear on how advanced it is... My veggie muffins from your blog (thank you!) are yummy but reminded me of little souffle's - maybe if you whipped the whites first and then folded in the yolks before baking the casserole it would have that nice, kind of puffy look. (I think I over mixed my muffins - will try again today...)

Sorry for the long comment...I think your blog is the best and can totally relate to the whole family visit thing. We are going to my nephew's 3rd birthday party tomorrow and have had to ask for a lot of help to keep illegal foods away from my little guy. Whee!

Have a great holiday!

The SCD girl said...


What is the brand of the legal prosciutto at Costco? I have wanted to try something like that but I didn't know where to start.



Emily said...

I think it is comes in a flat white and clear package and is usually in the refridgerated area where they keep the sausage, cheese, etc. The Trader Joe's brand is Volpi. They are both just pork and salt.

The SCD girl said...

Thank you sooo much. I'm excited! :)

Susan :)