Sunday, December 23, 2007

Illegal happenings

So, yesterday my son came home from school and told us he'd eaten a candy cane. He said his principal had given it to him, and it was a small candy cane.

I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth or not. Earlier he said he got a candy cane and put it in his backpack, but my husband had checked and there was nothing in there. He then told us he ate it. I assume she gave it to him right before he left school.

We still weren't sure...and then he had explosive diarrhea before bed time. The next morning, there was clear regression. He was humming, and rocking, and getting upset about every little thing. Our friend Alicia came over, and had brought presents for Clark. She told him to get the white one from under the tree, and he had trouble finding it. That's old Clark. The day before his infraction, Clark had been helping me in the kitchen. He said he would get the oil for me, and I told him to bring the darker one. There are two bottles, and the oil color in one of them is slightly darker than the other. He brought it, no problem.

At least he had normal stools Saturday evening.

Now it's Sunday and he's the apartment police. "The coffee pot is done. The dryer is going. You didn't put soap in the washing machine, daddy." He is pointing to things and saying, "What's that?" when he knows the answer. He's chasing the cats and laughing maniacally. And when we send him to bed to sit for the thousandth time, he's already forgotten why he's there. Now he's crawling around the floor in his room, humming.

Sigh. And my husband and I are looking at each other and saying, "How did we put up with him when he was like this ALL THE TIME?"

I managed to do a fair amount of cooking on Saturday. I made a pot of questionable chicken soup (don't try to thaw chicken parts in the pot -- that's my advice to you), a big jar of ketchup, a pan of almond butter brownies, six chicken breasts that I cut up and froze after cooking, a pan of hamburger patties, and a pan of egg bread, which I ate. I ended up with another bad headache but I figured out it was from tension in my neck, from bending forward and cooking.

The headache mostly went away while I was sleeping. I had a dream about vampires and Jack Nicholson.

My parents might be here today, but definitely tomorrow. The apartment is a MESS. Oh well! I've still gotta make more travel food today for whatever we'll be doing tomorrow and the next day with my parents. It'll be a good dry run for our trip to Idaho in January. I'll have no computer access for four days. Now that's scary!

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