Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Green bean conversation

Yesterday, I saw that Clark had come home with a spork in his lunch box. I was surprised, since we have never sent him with utensils, figuring he'd just rather eat with his hands. Of course, this was not always so. Like many autistic kids, Clark had a serious aversion to touching anything slimy, wet, or greasy.

But not anymore!

Going gluten free really helped him with that at first, and he continued to progress through casein free, and now on SCD. He has almost no aversion to touching any kind of food, although cleaning out the pumpkins at Halloween did give him pause. But then he dove in. :)

So I held up the spork and asked him, "Clark, why do you have this?"

And he thought and thought. And he said, "It's for the beans. So I don't make a mess. At school." Yay! Some great conversation progress, there.

We usually send him with a baggie of cooked green beans, assuming he'd eat them with his hands, but I suppose a teacher gave him a spork to eat them. Aww. :)

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