Thursday, July 8, 2010

Work, work, work...

Sorry for being so sporadic. But! I am working on some new recipes. Hopefully I'll have something tasty to share with you guys soon.

Instead of making you wait, though, I'm sharing the recipes that I'm tinkering with. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT NECSSARILY SCD LEGAL YET. But I'm of course making them that way.

Moroccan Coconut Chicken

Homemade curry powder

Caveman chili

Lemon meringue pie

So yeah! Here's to more recipe fun soon! :)


fernpixel said...

haha! Caveman chili! I'm sure its delicious too, I just really like the name!

Mrs. Ed said...

I have been wanting to find an easy curry blend. I'll have to try this.

That Lemon Meringue recipe is very good!!