Thursday, June 10, 2010


I thought I'd throw a few more links your way, but first I have an update!

Clark is doing much better with newly introduced foods. He's tried cantaloupe recently with no problems, and we've also tried guacamole. I'm going to try raw carrots next. Wish us luck!

A lot of people who cut out all grains have a bunch of symptoms that are typical of people going to a low carb diet. Mark's Daily Apple ran two articles about this:

The Low Carb Flu

How to Quit Grains

Also, The Heart Scan Blog had an interview with a low carb fertility doctor:

Low Carb Gynecologist

The interview with the gynecologist blew me away. I had HORRIBLE morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, and after I went into labor, I could keep nothing down. Even then, it seems my dysfunctional processing of carbs was to blame. :(

I hope you are all having a great week!


Kat said...

Glad to hear an update. Cantaloupe is so good, especially for summer picnics and such. Great links!

GFree_Miel said...

Aw, good for Clark! My sister, Lily, has suddenly added certain things to her diet as well. Nothing like cantaloupe, but she now dips her fries (or drenches them really) in ketchup and she's grown fond of string cheese. We're thinking of putting her on a gluten free diet but we've yet to find all of the replacements of the foods she already eats. It's such a process! I thought it was hard for myself to go gluten free, but with the autism, it's hard enough to get her to eat anything! But we're endeavoring to make the switch over the summer.

I'm so sorry to hear how awful your pregnancy was! I'm so glad to have found out about my own intolerances before being in that stage of my life. I can't imagine how hard it was for you.

Susan said...

Thanks Kat and Amelia!

Amelia, it's all the same thing really. Fries break down rather quickly into sugar. Commercial ketchup is full of sugar. And string cheese is full of lactose, which is... sugar.

It's no wonder so many autistic kids self-limit in this way. Going gluten free is a great first step and I hope it goes well!