Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vitamin D, sunscreen, and cancer

Sorry for the length of time between postings. I don't yet have a new recipe to post for you all.

I came across an article by Food Renegade titled Should you use sunscreen? It's thought provoking, to be sure.

Personally, I have not had much trouble with sunburn, despite rarely using sunscreen, being outside several times a week, and living in southern California. Yet when I was a child, I burned often.

I would still use sunblock if I were to go to the beach, and I would use it on my son as well. But for normal daily exposure or for a few hours at the park or the pier, I'm really not concerned about sunblock anymore.


Caitlin said...

We've gotten so paranoid with the Melanoma warnings, that we've completely dismissed sunshine being good for you! As you said, if you're planning to go to the beach (or an extended period in the sun)sunscreen is a good idea. But I think a ten minute or so 'sunbath' every day is a good thing.

Rnelis said...

If you've found vitamin D, don't forget Zinc. They're both doing magic stuff when it comes to fixing a influenza or a cold.