Sunday, November 29, 2009

get healthy now

I am sure that a lot of people who read this blog are not necessarily full blown SCDers just yet. Maybe they're individuals who aren't quite ready to take the plunge. Maybe they're people who think it's all too complicated and difficult.

There was a nice post from Fitness Spotlight today called Get Healthy Now, with eight simple tips on getting healthier.

However, I'd cut it down to just one -- eat real food 90 percent of the time.

It's simpler than you might think, and close to the principals of SCD. In many ways, it's easier than GFCF living, because instead of scrutinizing endless packages, all you have to do is buy and eat real, unadulterated food.

An apple has no list of additives to read through for places where gluten might hide. Ditto for a frozen side of salmon or avocado.

If even that step is too much for you, I will give you the perfect baby step.

Stop drinking sugar sweetened beverages.

OK, OK, maybe it's not a baby step. It's more of a significant step for some of you. Yes, I know this is hard. I have spoken with people who can't abide the taste of diet soft drinks.

So don't drink those either.

When you constantly drink sugar sweetened beverages, your body becomes inured to the taste. What that means is that, as time goes on, you need a higher level of sweetness in foods and drinks so that they continue to taste sweet to you.

All of that extra sugar also puts your body on a rollercoaster ride of insulin levels, driving you to consume more and more sugar to fight off crankiness brought on by the lowering of your blood sugar.

Both effects combined will lead you to consume all sorts of unfortunate foods.

So, make life a little easier on yourself and remove those awful sugary drinks from the equation, if you are still consuming them.



Amen! I have found eating "real" foods much easier than eating GFCF...and I always feel good, no wondering where the gluten was hiding that made me sick. Great post!

Mrs. Ed said...

The power or REAL food. Plus, I have found SCD easier than gf, all those flours and gums can be a hassle. Once you get used to the SCD and get plenty of recipes you like, it's much easier. On nights my husband cooks dinner, it's easier for him to grill meat and veggies than to worry about what contains gluten (it's hard enough for us to remember let alone other family members).