Wednesday, July 29, 2009

technical difficulties

This blog entry is in two parts!

Part one: Dear Low Carb Curmudgeon,

I really like your blog. I would love to converse with you on said blog.

However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to leave a comment on your entries.

I tried signing into Wordpress (which I never use normally) through the links on your comment sections. Wordpress will not recognize my Wordpress username there.

However, if I go directly to, I can login fine there.

I am wondering if there is a problem with your comment pages, or if I am just technically inept. I'm hoping that it's not the latter, seeing as I work in a technological field normally (but not now, since I have lost my job recently).




Part 2: Yes, dear readers, I lost my job about a month ago. My account was downsized, and I'm now in full-on panic mode. It's also my birthday today, which somehow makes things all the worse.

I did have In-n-Out protein burgers for my birthday today. That was nice and yummy. Low carb and SCD legal, too!

If anyone is looking for a nice project coordinator or project manager (level 1) in the Los Angeles or Burbank area, please let me know. I have technical and contracts administration experience, I'm PMP certified, and I have worked in an IT asset and change management environment. I will also consider more administrative positions, but I'm looking for contract to hire or direct placement opportunities only.

My e-mail is in the sidebar and I'm also on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (just e-mail me for adds).

Thanks for putting up with me today. I promise to have more content for you soon!



Anonymous said...

Sorry about your job!! I wish I could help.
I have a ? about in-and-out..
Do you ask for no sauce? And aren't you worried about them adding stuff in the meat(fillers) or cross contamination? Or using illegal oil or something. I feel so paranoid about eating out!

Comfy Tummy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love In And Out. Wish we had them here on the East Coast. Good luck on the job hunt. I enjoy your blog. All the best to you. :)

The SCD girl said...

Hi Christin,

Yes, I do ask for the burgers with no spread (which is what they call it). They usually ask then if I want ketchup and mustard and I say no.

When I get the burger, I take off the outer lettuce and leave the inner leaves for eating. I minimize cross contamination that way. I am not a true celiac but I take most precautions regardless.

In-n-Out is a small, family owned chain. They have their own meat packing facilities as well so I know that their hamburgers have no fillers.

Since I don't eat the fries, I don't worry about the type of oil they use. The fries are the only thing fried there, so even celiacs can enjoy the fries.


The SCD girl said...

Hi Comfy Tummy,

Thanks for the well wishes! I will have to enjoy In n Out again soon ... uh, for you, of course! ;)



I just wanted to say good luck in the job search and I hope it all works out for the best in the end. Happy Birthday too!