Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scientific method, and vitamin D

Happy new year! I've got a couple of interesting links for you that I wanted to share.

Because I tend to be a sort of armchair expert on a variety of dietary (and other) subjects, I happen to get a lot of e-mails from my family and friends referencing one thing or another, basically asking, "Is this true?"

I've got enough of those saved up to write a book on it. Hey, there's an idea.

But I digress.

On Dr. Michael R. Eades' blog, he picks apart the whole correlation versus causation thing. Hallelujah. A doctor who understands the scientific method. What won't they think of next? This article should be required reading for just about everybody.

Next! I found this great article on Influenza and Vitamin D from the Free the Animal blog. I rarely e-mail links to my family and friends, but this one I sent!

And I've got some more Vitamin D information from the Conditioning Research blog.

All fascinating stuff, and worth your time to look over. Enjoy, and keep taking that cod liver oil!

Yes, yes, I'm aware of the new controversy regarding cod liver oil. Go read here. It should help.

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