Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mercury in corn syrup...ewww

Here, have a link to this post about mercury in corn syrup from Scott over at the Modern Forager blog.

Here's the actual news article, for those wishing to skip our bloggy musings. :D

As if corn syrup wasn't bad enough already... It's like a horror movie!

*insert your best scream here*


Eli said...

As much as everyone enjoys bashing synthetic honey, actual honey isn't so safe either:
Just search your favorite news source for "tainted honey"

The SCD girl said...

Ugh! I really need to try some local stuff. My allergies suck anyway, and it's supposed to help with that. I don't do very well with honey so I rarely have any. Maybe that's why!

Eli said...

BTW, I thought you might be interested in this
article on about HFCS