Saturday, October 18, 2008

Starbucks decaf coffee is NOT SCD legal

EDIT: Sorry to report that my information on Starbucks coffee was not valid. I have revised this post to say that their coffee is NOT LEGAL. I was told by corporate that they use the direct method, which uses chemicals. I mention other sources of legal water process decaf below. Thanks!

If I were sticking completely to the SCD rules, I would drink weak coffee and tea.

I don't stick to this rule as well as I should, because I do love a nice strong cup of coffee. I had to learn to drink it black after years of being a latte girl.

I did, however, recently switch to decaf. The general consensus on SCD is that if you drink decaf, it should be Swiss water process decaf. That way, there are no chemicals or flavorings or other nasty things that end up in traditionally decaffeinated coffees.

Of course, this type of decaf costs more. And for a coffee lover like myself, drinking decaf was something like death.

However, I do have an autoimmune disease, and I find that I do better with a reduced caffeine intake.

So! I was on the hunt for good decaf.

And I found it, quite by accident.

I have been told that all decaf coffees at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Caribou, and the Coffee Beanery are water process decaffeinated, but I have not verified with the stores yet.

So, it's more common than you think! Enjoy!


Amelia - Another Gluten-free Casualty said...

Of course it would be more expensive! Everything we need for our food intolerances is way overpriced.

Thanks so much for all those links! I'm trying to work out my eating situation with the people at my school. Slowly, but surely, things are getting better.

Always wishing you luck,

Kelly said...

I have been told that Caribou doesn't use that junk to make their decaf, and they use a lot of organic and fair-trade as well. They are my fave :-)

Cheers, Kelly