Saturday, July 5, 2008


So, I recently received confirmation from The Spice House that their garlic and onion products are 100 percent pure, no additives.

This is AMAZINGLY good news. Yes, I've already ordered a ton. I used to use dried onion and garlic like it was going out of style.

I threw in a little ground celery seed and ground rosemary to celebrate. :P

Outside of onion and garlic, most spices can be presumed safe. My dad used to work for Griffith Laboratories, a food service company that sold a lot of products, including spices, in bulk. Generally, spices won't have any additives or extra ingredients, because if there were, it could possibly muck up trade recipes, which are incredibly precise. Garlic and onion are a bit more foggy because they do tend to clump when they sit around for a while, so it's always a bit of a mystery whether there's an anti-caking agent or something that shouldn't be there.

I also ordered more probiotics, and I'm making yogurt now, so we're in good shape I think.

I'm trying to not eat any of the almond butter for a while to see if it helps me pull out of my mini-flare. I know I eat too much of the stuff anyway, but this will be hard. Sigh.

My next doctor appointment is still a couple of weeks away. I've got time. I just need to keep remembering my supplements! That is the hardest part for me, because the S. boulardii is in the fridge. Jeffrey is going to try to help me though.

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