Friday, November 30, 2007

Proving my own theory

Now, I started SCD with my son, based on my belief that I had severe gut dysfunction. My new doctor agrees with me.

But but! I have never had any of the classic symptoms that go along with gut dysfunction. I have never been underweight, and most of the time I have been overweight. While I am at a good weight now, my doctors generally feel I should lose more because of my arthritis. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my doctors have given me the most practiced poker face EVER when I tell them that diet is a major contributor to my condition.

But I ain't starving, people. I'm not underweight. I don't look malnourished.

But but! I've never had any real digestive problems. I've never noticed stomach pains, I've never noticed bad gas or cramping or diarrhea or any of that! Someone on one of my listservs said she has "perfect poops!"

Ha ha. People on SCD talk about poop pretty often, so get used to it. :)

But I digress. My son has always, always had loose stools.

Until SCD!

Suddenly he was having "perfect poops" as well. Whee!

And then I gave him raw lettuce! I was new to the diet and wasn't thinking. In an HOUR ... he ran to the bathroom and exploded. You know. Out that end.

Not pretty. But I was in wonderment. This had never happened to him before, and here it SCD illegal and he REACTED, big time.

I'd been going through the intro with him too, same way. I did not react to anything, really. Clark did, though. He cannot handle bananas right now. Instant explosion. Why? Don't know. They were definitely SCD legal, but for now, his body says NO.

OK. Fine. I'm still testing with him, going along, and finally it's Clark's birthday. I made him nut butter brownies, as our stage 2 graduation present to ourselves.

Clark had two. I had two. They were goooooood. :)

The next day I ate one brownie at work. And an hour later, I was in the bathroom.

"Hmm," thought I. "Perhaps that brownie did not agree with me." It wasn't exactly a serious bathroom problem, but it was enough to give me pause.

A few days later, I had a brilliant idea. I put about a teaspoon of almond butter on a piece of egg bread, added honey, a sprinkle of salt, and another piece of egg bread. Ta da! Egg bread sandwich.

Clark LOVED them. He ate two.

They were pretty good. I ate one.

I took two of them to work. I ate one of them.

In less than an HOUR, I was RUNNING FULL TILT FOR THE BATHROOM. I was on a conference call, ripped the headset from my ear and RAN. I almost did not make it.

I do not tolerate the nut butter.

And now, my stomach aches and hurts and I am in PAIN.

*blink blink*

It works. The diet works. It's REAL. It's working for ME.

Paradoxically, I am excited. Woo!


Agent M said...

We are getting ready to start the diet as a family and I'm so hopeful and excited and a little scared. Consider yourself bookmarked - I'll be back!

I LOVE that picture in your profile!

The SCD girl said...

Very nice to "meet" you! I am also on the Pecanbread list on Yahoo! groups as well.

And thanks for the picture comment, haha.

mainegirl said...

Just found your is wonderful. We are on the Pecanbread group, although I don't post often. We were SCD for 5 months(3 year old autoimmune issues)...with good success but my son had so many IGG issues and a hard time digesting fats so we added rice, potatos and some sweeteners....think it was a mistake....and am going to start up SCD again:).

The SCD girl said...

Hi Mainegirl!

I think I also have trouble digesting fats because of my rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, I was pretty sure I was going to have a problem with eggs, so I waited to start those.

To my surprise, I haven't had too many issues. I still think I'm having trouble, but for now I'm trusting that healing is taking place.

Thanks for visiting! And be sure to visit the Pecanbread list if you have any questions. They're a helpful group! :)