Sunday, November 18, 2007

Notes from the battle field

This week was our first week on SCD. We only told his teachers that we were testing him for food intolerance so he is not to eat anything at school. Previously, I learned during parent teacher conferences that Clark has been head butting his teachers! I think they were stunned when I told them he never ever did that at home.

We tried all sorts of reward systems and such over the past few weeks, but the head butting only decreased slightly. Some days he was doing it five times a day.

Here's Clark's school report after one week on SCD:

This week Clark has not attempted to bite himself or any adult. He did not head butt at all this week! :)

We have moved him and he now sits in front and is able to participate more effectively. He has shown empathy and has demonstrated some beginning attempts to turn take. He has good knowledge of our rules and can comply 60 percent of the time.

He, for the past 2 weeks, has stayed with tasks and whole group instruction for up to 20 minutes without being inappropriate. Enjoy him this weekend. He had a good week in comparison with previous weeks. He is making good progress in behaving as a typical 5 year old.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bunch of dishes to wash and more food to make. :)


NuttyMeatfruit said...

Hey, SCD girl :) I am so happy to hear your son is improving, and so quickly. How old is he?

The SCD girl said...

He's going to be five next Tuesday. We are trying almond brownies to celebrate, yay! Thanks for stopping by! :)