Monday, November 12, 2007

New doctor!

I saw my new doctor. She is


I told her about my problems with RA, and how I have been gluten free as a result, and about my allergies and asthma, and my son has autism...

And she said, "Actually, those are all related."

And then she said, "Some people have this thing called 'leaky gut'..."


I was so stunned that she actually, you know, SAID STUFF I KNEW ALREADY.

She said, "Oh yeah, that's all functional medicine."

I only picked her on the basis that she MIGHT practice functional medicine. It was pretty much a crap shoot.

Boy did she have a lot of advice for me. She took six vials of blood, told me I had to get off the pill because apparently taking it increases inflammation, and then she told me about all the testing she thought she should do for me, that I have big tonsils which means I have constant allergy issues, and probiotics and metal testing and she would chelate me and ...


She wants me to come back in three weeks and see an OB/GYN in two weeks to figure out something other than the pill.

This is really exciting for me. Oh, and she suggested I read Ultrametabolism, but I told her I was doing SCD, and she read the materials I brought about it and thought that should be fine, and gave me tips on introducing new foods...

And she said she would treat my son the exact same way. She said we need to figure out why I am such fertile ground for all of these problems.



Anonymous said...

I was wondering if getting off oral Birth control help with your imflammation. I have UC, and I keep coming across this. No doctor has ever metioned that this may be a problem. When I look back I can see that my first major flare came on one month after starting a high dose pill. Any thoughts as to what happened with you. Thank you so much...I love your blog!

Susan said...

Hi Candice,

I don't know for sure, but my D.O. was absolutely ADAMANT about me getting off the pill. My arthritis doc said it was possible that it could contribute to inflammation when I told him.

I now have a copper IUD and I'm pretty happy with it.

Good luck to you.


Jasmine said...

Susan, this is great news! Yay!