Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Damned bananas

So I started Clark on bananas ... I don't know, a few days ago or so. We've been very careful introducing new foods, only introducing a new one every four days.

When we did that, we had to wait until the bananas were SCD compliant -- very ripe, with lots of black spots. OK.

No, these bananas aren't ready either.

We gave him some very ripe bananas and he was fine. Then he had three in one day, which was kind of an accident. Jeffrey didn't realize I made Clark a banana pancake in the morning, and he had packed Clark a banana in his lunch, and then given him another banana as an afternoon snack. Clark had explody diarrhea after that.

Which is weird, because according to common knowledge, bananas are supposed to STOP diarrhea. Yeah, guess he missed the memo.

So we tried bananas again. We got a three pound bunch from Costco, which is where we usually got bananas before we were on this diet.

Well, waiting for those bananas to go ripe was like waiting for Christmas when you're eight years old. And yes, they were actually yellow when we bought them. They were like giant mutant never-become-ripe bananas. I glared at them daily. It didn't help. I even put one of them in a paper bag with an apple overnight, and it had ripened LESS than the rest of the bunch.

Finally we decided they were ready, and he ate one and had a bathroom emergency not two hours later. Huh. OK, so maybe they weren't so ready. They had the black spots but then I noticed they were still a little green on the stems.

Two days go by. Now we're at today. I'm thinking they HAVE to be ready now. They just have to be.

I was in the kitchen, making some baked apples that are soft enough to be applesauce so that Clark has something fun to eat at Thanksgiving. We are starting apple testing tomorrow.

And Clark was impatient and wanted some dinner. I didn't have a whole lot on hand, since I was peeling a bunch of apples, so I told him I would get him some chicken soup.

And Clark cried. He really cried because he was so sick of chicken soup. I hugged him and told him I was sick of it too, and I gave him a banana.

He ate it and then begged for another one. I suggested every other food I could think of and he turned it all down. I felt bad and gave him another banana. He then had the legal grape juice jello and he was done with dinner.

About an hour later, back to diarrhea. Sigh.

Well, I was supposed to test a new food, so I ate a banana. And then another one in a banana pancake because I was so sick of chicken soup. Nothing has happened to make me think anything is affecting me one way or the other, really, but my hands did swell up a little bit later. Hard to say if it was the banana, but still...curious.

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